About Us


Lightsail Capital was founded by James F. Basili and Torin M. Eastburn in 2018.

We are an investment management firm whose mission is to find small companies with great potential before they are recognized by the market, and to support them with stable, patient capital as they grow. 

Our focus is on public companies, but our approach is rooted in the long-term, hands-on practice of venture capital. We are generalists, investing across industries and regions, and fundamentally-oriented, favoring businesses with superior products and stable sources of demand.

Our structure — built around multi-year capital commitments from our investors — allows us to maintain a long-term focus, and to look beyond volatility and illiquidity when making investment decisions. This lets Lightsail behave differently from the vast majority of investment firms in pursuit of better results for our investors and ourselves.

If you are the kind of company we look for, or the kind of investor who shares our philosophy, we invite you to learn more about what we do.